The Best Homemade Cough Drops with Honey

The Best Homemade Cough Drops with Honey

  February 12, 2018

Honey Helps a Cold

It is no secret that honey has been used to help fight colds and sore throats for centuries, I shared my favorite honey tea recipe in this blog post. A teaspoon of honey or a cup of tea with honey will help a scratchy throat and honey is a proven cough suppressant. Penn State Medical School released a study on the effectiveness of Buckwheat honey for coughs. The study found that a dose of buckwheat honey before bedtime provided better relief than over the counter cough medications.

While store bought cough drops do work, they are filled with ingredients that you may not want in your body. Many commercial cough drops contain artificial flavors, color dyes, glucose syrup, sucrose, acetylcysteine and guaifenesin. Why put any of those chemicals in your body when you most likely have all the healthy, natural ingredients to make your own honey cough drops in your cabinet?

There are a number of options when making your own honey cough drops. You can use real fruit juice to add natural flavor, essential oils, and herbs. You also have many options when it comes to honey, but we suggest using raw Buckwheat honey for the higher levels of antioxidants.

Honey Cough Drop Recipes:

Little house in the suburbs offers a very simple honey cough drop recipe that makes a great base. You can get to get more creative with it. This is a pure honey cough drop, nothing else is added.

The Frugal Farm Wife offers a cough drop remedy that uses ingredients you can find at just about any grocery store. Peppermint, ginger, chamomile and lemons are common, inexpensive items that work together to boost your immune system, reduce mucus build up and sooth a cough.

The Coconut Mama offers a simple method to making cough drops that use coconut oil, honey and cinnamon. There is no boiling, nor do you need for a candy thermometer. Just mix it together, pop it in ice cube trays and store in the refrigerator.

This recipe skips making drops and uses honey, ginger and lemon to create a cough syrup.

There is no doubt that honey is becoming the go to product for the common cold and coughs. Honey is proving to be more effective than over the counter medications (and it is easier to pronounce).